Monday, November 23, 2009

is laughing at Joseph as he masters the art of blinking! He is doing long exaggerated blinks! He is too cute/funny!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Just an update of what is happening around here.  We are out for Thanksgiving break!! Tosha and Zac are heading to Chicago tomorrow to march in the McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade!  It will be televised on WGN starting at 8:30am Central time.  We are not sure where they are in the parade yet, but look for an awesome looking band wearing gold and black uniforms!

Joseph is growing leaps and bounds!  He is outgrowing his 12 month sized clothes, and he is learning to pull himself to a standing position!  Joseph can scoot across the floor (reverse is his favorite gear right now!)!  The more active that he is, the happier he is!  Joseph and I like to get out of the house and do things! Right now I have been taking him to the "Y", and he is breaking the hearts of the nursery ladies there! This is the first time that I have not worked after having a baby and I'm not used to this! None of my friends are phone talkers, so I am going without adult conversation a lot of times!

Mike was released as Bishop in October.  That has definitely been a new exprerience around here! Having Mike sit with me during Sacrament meeting is still odd! It had been almost 7 years since that had happened on a regular basis! With his release, work has become a bit more demanding.  He is on the road a lot more! It's funny how that happened!  I always knew that was one of the blessings of Mike serving as Bishop, but now I'm seeing it first hand! 

We are slowly getting ready for Christmas! It feels like we just had Christmas! Time is flying by too quickly!