Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today was Katie's awards day for 5th grade. Our last child in elementary school for 5 years!! Katie is so glad to be finished at Highland Bluff. She loved her old school and her teachers, and she has really struggled at Highland Bluff. The awards ceremony today lasted for over an hour and a half!! This was just for 5th grade! No teachers singing and dancing either. =(

At any rate, Katie was one of the students awarded with the "President's Award for Educational Excellence" and the "Presidential Fitness Award"! Katie has always been our most athletic child, so I am really glad that she was recognized for this. The Educational Excellence award is a great honor as well!

We would have pictures for this day, but for some reason, our camera has never worked well in the school cafeterias!!

Tosha and Zac are also doing well in school. Tosha was recognized at her awards ceremony for participating on the academic team, which won first place in the Rankin County competition. Tosha and Zac were both exempt from their final exams (except Zac has to take the Algebra exam - he had a tough teacher this year that did not like to explain things very well.).

We are so pleased with how well our children are succeeding in school. We hope that this will continue!!

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  1. Wow it's hard to picture katie in the 5th grade! I still see her as a little girl in primary!