Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I really need another set of arms!

I am learning that I truly need another set of arms! Typing and holding a baby is a challenge! Especially since Joseph is getting so much more active. He does not like to sit still anymore. His head is bobbing, or his arms are flailing about, or he is trying to push himself up to a standing position on my lap. But he loves to be held - and I love holding him!!

Nothing much new going on around here. Summer has started at the Lyon home. My kids have yet to tell me that they are bored, but I am a mean mom that will give them some housework to do if they dare to utter those words!! Tosha is packing the final stuff for girls camp - at least we hope this is the final stuff. We are enjoying the Wii Fit that we bought a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately it can get so hot and humid here, that going outside a lot to exercise, is very hard to do. The Wii Fit can definitely give you a work out! I don't like the scale part - but other than that, it is a lot of fun!

Mike is out of town again. His company is requiring a lot more traveling for their "outside" people. I miss him while he is gone, but I have learned that this is part of the job. I have also learned to appreciate the time when he is home and not out of town for work or gone for a church meeting (which can be multiple times in a week!). Heavenly Father made me strong and stubborn for a reason! :)

I am attaching a couple of pictures from our Memorial Day drive. We were going to drive down to Natchez, but never made it that far! One of these days...

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