Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One of the Most Peaceful Places on Earth...

I had a wonderful opportunity to go to the Northeast a couple of weeks ago. It was just Joseph and I with Debi and her four children. We took two days to drive to New Jersey, and spent several days with Debi's sister and family. Where we were staying was about an hour away from NYC. So, Debi was sweet enough to take me to go see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and downtown NYC! Joseph, Gabrielle (Debi's youngest daughter), Debi's mom, Debi, and I went to go see the Statue of Liberty. The weather was gray and dreary, but the rain held out while we were visiting "Lady Liberty". It was an amazing sight. To think of what the immigrants must have felt when they saw her standing so majestically, and to realize that there lives were going to be changing (hopefully for the better). Ellis Island was also very thought provoking. NYC was just crazy!! And we went on a Sunday! It was so neat to see this big, bustling city. We had all of the kids with us on this trip, and we just drove through parts of downtown. I was glad that we were able to see Ground Zero.

After we were in NJ, we went to central New York where Debi and her family lived for four years. It is a gorgeous area. Small town, but a lot to see and do. Debi, Gabrielle, Joseph and I went to Palmyra to see church sites. The Sacred Grove has to be one of the most peaceful places on the Earth - without entering into a temple. I could go visit there daily! I loved seeing the Joseph Smith home(s), and then we went and saw where the first editions of The Book of Mormon were published. The next day we went to Fayette where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized. The Fayette church building is wonderful, and I was jealous of the Hicks for having the chance to go to church in such an amazing building! Not to mention that the Peter Whitmer home is just a few hundred yards away from their building! I can't wait until my whole family can take this amazing trip to see some of the church history sites.

Joseph is getting soooo big! He is smiling all of the time, talking/cooing, and has started eating rice cereal. Yes, it might be a little early (according to the new guidelines), but he is still getting up three times at night to eat! I need sleep!!!! It hasn't helped yet, but he does enjoy eating the cereal! He took to eating from a spoon very naturally! I was amazed! We go in for his four month appointment the beginning of July, so we will see how big he has officially become! He no longer looks like he was a preemie!

Everybody else is doing well. Tosha is done with Girls Camp. Zac goes to Scout Camp in a couple of weeks and they both have Youth Conference this weekend. Katie is a big help with Joseph! Mike is on the road - again. I hate that he is gone a lot, but at least he has a job that pays the bills!

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  1. Amen to a job that pays the bills. Love the photos of your trip. I'm hoping we'll be able to see some of those sites one day. We made it to Washington, DC last year. NYC is on the list of things to do.