Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Pictures

Here are some more pictures. Joseph is now up to 5lbs 2oz! I thought my other three children were small, but Joseph has definitely got them beat!

Joseph is doing very well. He was really fussy yesterday. He had a hard time burping and developed a diaper rash. We are not sure if the rash is from changing the brand of diapers and wipes, or something else. I had Mike stop by Wal-mart on his way home from church last night to get the brand of diapers we had been using and sensitive wipes. We are using the "butt paste", and he is not screaming as badly today when I change his diaper.

The picture of Joseph taking his first "official" bath looks like he is screaming,
but actually he was yawning. He loved his bath - until it was time to rinse out his hair!

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