Friday, March 20, 2009

A Whole New World

Life is good!! Life is great!! I am so thankful that we have a Heavenly Father that hears and answers our prayers. Our prayers were most definitely answered on March 12th. We received a phone call about a baby that had been born in the state that we live in, and they were looking to place this baby with a family - immediately!

Joseph was born on the 5th of March and he was 5 weeks premature. He weighed 4lbs 11 oz. The birth mother had complications that had some potential risks to the baby (lack of blood flow and oxygen to the fetus). When we were told about Joseph, the doctors had already run tests on his kidneys, liver, heart, lungs...everything but his brain. But we were told that he did not show the typical symptoms of brain damage. He was not having seizures nor sleep apnea. He was already eating from a bottle and taking a pacifier.

Mike received this call on his way to the Orlando airport, and he was texting me with some of this info. We were able to have a conference call with the doctor and to discuss Joseph's potential health concerns. The doctor was "cautiously optimistic" about Joseph not having any long term health problems.

The agency wanted an answer that night. Mike was still traveling home and I had to go to a Seminary training meeting. So we did a lot of texting that night!! After talking with the doctor there was no doubt in my mind that this baby was here for us. Mike called the agency and told them that we were interested.

The next morning we were able to see the baby. Joseph was in the NICU, with all of the monitors hooked to his little body. When we first saw him, the nurse was feeding him. We were then asked if we wanted to feed him. So, putting both of my hands through the openings in the isolette, I was able to feed him. I was in love by this point! We were then allowed to hold him. It was amazing!!

The agency approved us for the adoption and we were given full access to little Joseph. Between Michael and I, we were there for all of his feedings from 8am-11pm. On Monday, the birth parents signed over their rights, and then we signed our papers. Also on this day, Joseph was moved upstairs to the well baby nursery. He went in for an MRI on Monday as well. I found out on Tuesday that he moved around too much during the MRI, so they had to do it again. This time they sedated him, and things went well. The only down side was that his body temperature dropped, and we had to work hard to bring it back up.

We were told that Joseph could go home on Wednesday. I was so excited!! Mike was in Austin, so I was the one that the nurses were starting to hate!! The doctor was not going to release Joseph until his body temp was higher. I did not put him down for over 2 hours! I had multiple layers of blankets on him, and finally at 1:30 his temp was up to 97.2! Yea! We could go home. As many of you mothers know, it was three hours later, that we were finally able to leave!

Joseph is a blessing in our life. We all love him so much. I am going to do my best to keep this updated with pictures and other things!


  1. Auntie Carrie says welcome home, Joseph!!!! You have joined a family full of love - you're a lucky baby!!!

  2. Laura, I hope you don't find me too nosy, but I had to find out what Joseph's story was! So I skimmed through your posts to find out!

    What a wonderful, wonderful thing you have done, adopting this sweet little boy! I have quite a few friends who ask me to post or share their adoption requests on my blog, and I try to, but so many seem to be choosy - they want a particular sex, a certain race, a certain background from the bio. parents... It makes me sad, since there's so many sweet babies that need parents, and overall, I don't understand the choosiness. It warms my heart to know you knew he was for you, before you even met him. Major kudos to you for being so willing to bring a baby into your home, especially since you have grown kids!!! I'd love to add your blog to my list, if you don't mind! Please let me know!