Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I hope that everybody had a wonderful Easter. That was the first time that Joseph went to church. He did very well - of course he slept most of the time! We then went to a friend's house and had a great afternoon and evening with them and their family. I hate to say it, but the Easter Bunny did not hide eggs this year! He left something in the kids baskets, but no eggs to find. We were going to do an egg hunt at our friend's house, unfortunately Mother Nature was not going to cooperate with us (we were going to do the hunt outside, but we were under a tornado watch, and we had some heavy downpours!).

I hate to admit this, but I am obsessed with lion things for Joseph! When Zac was a baby, you could not find all of the cute lion clothing and other items that are available now. Joseph will be so tired of lions before he officially becomes a "Lyon"! (We are hoping that Joseph will be legally ours in every sense by the last Friday in September. We are then planning on having him sealed to us in the temple in Baton Rouge the Saturday after General Conference.) There are so many cute things out there with lions on them. I just can't help myself!!!

On Saturday I competed in my first 5K walk. I came in 60th. There were a lot of people there, and I was towards the front of the pack! I felt pretty good about this placing. I have no idea how many people were officially there, but it was like a herd of cattle to begin with! The bright yellow shirt I am wearing in the picture is from the race!

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