Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yes, Mike had fun doing this!

Okay, we have now reached a new milestone in our lives. Not only are we parents of a newborn baby, but we just had our (almost by 4 days!) 16 year daughter leave for the prom. Tosha and Kent have been friends for over a year now. We let Tosha go to the prom with Kent since this is his senior year. Kent is a very good guy and he knows and respects our guidelines. I think I was as nervous as Tosha was for tonight! I still remember going to prom during my senior year. It just doesn"t seem possible that it is my baby that is going tonight!

We had Joseph weighed yesterday, and he is now up to 7lbs 6oz.! He is definitely working on getting caught up. Last night it looked like he was about to smile a few different times - and no it wasn't gas! Joseph was awake for well over 2 1/2 hours. Unfortunately that did not make any difference with his sleeping schedule!

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