Monday, April 6, 2009

Is it morning or night?

We are going through the stage of night is day and day is night. I'm not even sure any more which is which!! Last night Joseph wanted to be awake most of the night. I am now only turning on a light long enough to change his diaper, and then it is lights off! I am hoping that this will help him change his internal clock. We worked really hard tonight to keep him awake for a lot of the evening. We will have to see if this will also help. Of course, Joseph objected to our new routine.

We had Joseph weighed last Friday, and he is now up to 6lbs 4oz!!! He is looking so much better. We are to go in again next Friday and have him weighed again. Maybe by then he will be up to 7lbs.
Mike is on his way to Wisconsin. He is sooo excited about this - NOT! Thankfully he is only gone for a couple of days!

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